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17-09-2015, 17:22
Selling the following books. Would be great to sell them all at one go, so you are more than welcome to make me an offer.
You can find description on each book on amazon. All books are in good or perfect condition, except maybe 3 but that's because they are vintage.
You can collect books at my place (metro Tulskaya). Or we can arrange delivery for extra fee.
The price for books is from 50 to 200 r.

1. Theater Games for the Lone Actor - Viola Spolin
2. Great Scenes and Monologues for Actors - Michael Schulman and Eva Mekler
3. Audition - Michael Shurtleff
4. The Actor's Book of Contemporary Stage Monologues - Nina Shengold
5. Beyond Stanislavsky - Bella Merlin
6. Creativity in the Theater - Philip Weissman
7. Towards a Poor Theatre - Jerzy Grotowski
8. The Great Acting Teachers and Their Methods - Richard Brestoff
9. Talking Voices - Deborah Tannen
10. Voice and the Actor - Cicely Berry
11. Theater Games for Young Performers - Maria C. Novelly
12. Improvisation for the Theater - Viola Spolin
13. Theater Games for Rehearsal - Viola Spolin
14. Breaking Into Acting for Dummies
15. Theater Games for the Classroom - Viola Spolin
16. On Stage - Lisa Bany-Winters
17. Drama in the Classroom - Polly Erion
18. Backstage Handbook - Paul Carter
19. Ibsen's Dramatic Technique - P.F.D. Tennant
20. The Art of the Theatre - E. Gordon Craig