View Full Version : 2 rooms, m. Turgenevskaya, from early Sep.

19-08-2015, 13:40
On September 7 my wife and I are leaving our two-room apartment near Turgenevskaya metro. I'd put up some photos, but the site doesn't seem to like me doing that just now, therefore you'll have to use your imaginations


Rent: 45,000r a month, plus bills. They tend to come to around 3-4k a month, depending on electricity and water consumption.
Commission: ZERO. Ditto agents fees, unless you really want to hire an agent of your own and give him some money.
Wifi: available from Rinet. Been reliable for us.
Size: according to the electricity bill, it's 36.4 sqm.

It's a cosy place on the eighth floor of a nine-floor panel block pretty much behind the Lukoil building. Easy access to the Turgenevskaya / Chistiye Prudy / Sretensky Bulvar interchange, plus Sukharevskaya and Tsvetnoi Bulvar within striking distance. Generally a nice area to live in.

The landlady doesn't speak English, but lives locally and is super helpful. She's accustomed to having foreign tenants (when I first arrived I was on my own, but the previous guy was French with a Russian wife). My registration came through work so I don't know if she could help with that as needed.

For a central location, it's pretty quiet. Neighbours are no trouble and although it fronts onto a pereulok there's not much traffic noise.

It's a great place for a single tenant - big enough for all you need, small enough not to be a pain to keep clean and tidy. It's OK for a couple, but if you have a row there's not really anywhere to hide from each other. I can't imagine it would work with kids, but other families may feel differently.

In general, if we weren't heading back to the UK, we wouldn't be moving out. It's definitely an option worth exploring if you're looking for a central property. PM if you want to come round and have a look. Agencies not welcome.