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09-08-2015, 09:46
We just received our stuff that has been in storage for more than ten years. I've moved I don't even know how many times since 1976, even internationally.

Why did I save this and haul it all over the creation, to find it in a box in 2015? What to do with it now? I still don't want to throw it away.....

I remember buying the new issue of Rolling Stone every week in my local cigar store/news stand.

Bob Marley in his full glory as photographed by Annie Liebowitz, 1976.

09-08-2015, 09:59
records/vynils are amking a big comeback now!don't throw them away, don't give them away. get a new record player,be prepared to cry though....
and if yo uwant something special, get one that converts your record onto an -electronic- version ( cd). after all, y u don't want your rarities being destroyed at the next wild party. and modern car systems work with electronics ony.... but fun to listen to your favorite music there. or on a small player out when making shashlik.

09-08-2015, 10:07
now that made my sad day.....I still have some even earlier memories..... here is one of my early books complete with my usual scribblings.....

09-08-2015, 10:08
That Bob Marley front cover, would look great in a picture frame hanging somewhere at home! :winking:

09-08-2015, 10:08
Indeed Benedikt, I've been weeding through my stuff. A quick glance on ebay showed this same issue of Rolling Stone going for $84. I'm just perplexed as to why I saved it for so many years and continued to carry it around? I had a big crush on Marley. Saw him in concert once. He was fabulous.

I have yet another storage unit, oh yes. It is very far away and has been there 30 years. There are indeed LP's and a stereo there. And all of my grandmother's stuff. She died in 1979.

Just last month I opened a box in the garage I brought from Russia and had never seen since the day it was packed out and loaded on the truck in Moscow. I drank coffee for the first time from a Lomonosov cup that has been in a box in its original tissue paper, resting for years -

There is no cure for packratism. I need an intervention!

09-08-2015, 10:36
though it MIGHT come handy one day. hopefully though the occasion will never arise. or you just need space. or can't / don't want to pay the storage fees. or the kids don't care. or you want to make a last trip around the world.
one might be in need of cash for whatever reason. give the things to an official, serious, legal appriser or auction house. you will get a real appraisal, a fair, or surprisingly astronomical high, price at the auction. and if there is really no offer, the auction house will not sell just for the sake of selling. definitely nothing for a garage sale!

09-08-2015, 11:17
You know what else I saved? A bunch of May 8 posters from Russia. I have quite a few. Some of them are really very good art, and as I recall they were distributed for free to kiosks and shops all over Moscow, they were virtually required to display them. Different poster images were distributed in different parts of Moscow.

The best one I had framed and hangs on my wall right now. I still have others in a box in the garage.... :dizzy:

I remember going around Moscow after these posters had been out for a few days, and realizing what great art they were. There was a jeans shop at VDNKh that had the best one I didn't see anywhere else, the victory poster was taped onto the shop window. I went into the shop and tried to explain to the jeans dyevushka that I wanted the poster. Of course she thought I was crazy and she explained they couldn't remove the poster until after the holiday. I said 'Fine!"

So I went back to that jeans store just one or two days after May 8 to retrieve the poster. She was still convinced I was crazy. I offered her 100 rubles. She peeled off the tape, removed the poster from the window, and gave it to me in disbelief. That free poster cost me 50 bucks in Moscow to have glassed and framed, the clerk there too thought I was crazy. It is here on the wall now, still a beautiful work of art. And I have more!

In following years I became obsessed with these May 8 posters and begged and wheedled them from shaurma vendors, produkti's, tore them from utility posts -

They're rolled up in the garage somewhere, most of them. In a box.