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29-02-2008, 01:00
What options does one have for health insurance in moscow? What would you recommend and why?

29-02-2008, 23:33
there is an old thread where the issue has already been discussed

find it in this folder pls

my 2 cents: EuropeAssistance

01-03-2008, 03:22
I get the feeling that Triptrop was just on the forum to make several posts in different sections of the forum to get links posted for his websites - 3 of which are in his "Signature". More about his google ranking than substantive contribution to the forum...:9451:

22-08-2008, 14:13

This is not a spam,just wanna give you one more choice. Why don't you try International Health Insurance, Expatriate and Traveller Medical Cover (http://healthcareinternational.com).

Good luck.