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looks like they are on par with the Turks what the did to the Armenians.
Stalin to the Ukraine.
Pol Pot in Kambodscha.
Or the Nazis during their reign.

It is good that these things see the light of the day. unfortunately it is always the winners of wars and the victorious nations who write history books. But sooner or later, sometimes very much later, the truth prevails.
I think Churchill was not less a monster than Stalin,Hitler or Pol Pot....just reading his statement about the Indians.

04-08-2015, 14:42
The winter 1942 ‘aman’ rice crop, which was already expected to be poor or indifferent was hit by a cyclone and three tidal waves in October. 450 square miles were swept by tidal waves, 400 square miles affected by floods and 3200 square miles damaged by wind and torrential rain. Reserve stocks in the hands of cultivators, consumers and dealers were destroyed. This killed 14,500 people and 190,000 cattle. ‘The homes, livelihood and property of nearly 2.5 million Bengalis were ruined or damaged.’ A fungus causing the disease known as "brown spot", hit the rice crop and this was reported to have had an even greater effect on yield than the cyclone. The fungus, Helminthosporium oryzae, destroyed 50% to 90% of some rice varieties.

Bengal had been a food importer for the last decade. Calcutta was normally supplied by Burma. The British Empire had suffered a disastrous defeat at Singapore in 1942 against the Japanese military, which then proceeded to invade Burma in the same year. Burma was the world's largest exporter of rice in the inter-war period. By 1940 15% of India's rice overall came from Burma, while in Bengal the proportion was slightly higher given the province's proximity to Burma. After the Japanese occupation of Burma in March 1942, Bengal and the other parts of India and Ceylon, normally supplied by Burma, had to find food elsewhere. However, there were poor crops and famine situations in Cochin, Trivandrum and Bombay on the West coast and Madras, Orissa and Bengal in the East. It fell on the few surplus Provinces, mainly the Punjab, to supply the rest of India and Ceylon.

It appears that the famine was mainly attributable to natural disasters, WW2 and bad mismanagement being a lesser cause.

Further details. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bengal_famine_of_1943)

Edit: The photo from that article also appears here (Russian site) (http://www.porjati.net/tragedies/10944-indiya1946-musulmane-i-indusy.html)but is about a massacre that took place in 1946. Who to believe???

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It's interesting there is no information about the Online World Observer anywhere on its site.

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right click on one of the pics in my post, you come to the above link. 71 more pics from -India-. the worst one all have on the bottom right the word LIFE on it. to me it looks like the -Life- Magazine,writing/logo is familiar, was taking the pics before the become TimeLife?

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I think Churchill was not less a monster than Stalin,Hitler or Pol Pot....just reading his statement about the Indians.
Ben, don't you know? It was democratically blessed famine. Like bombing Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya etc.

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the more i read about these things, the more i wonder. will there be ever an end to these atrocities?