View Full Version : Room available near Metro YugoZapadnaya

31-07-2015, 14:50

I am looking to share a 3 bedroom apartment I currently live in, alone, with 1 more person. Perks: you get 1 bedroom and we share a living room (so basically one and a half rooms lol). It is 7 minutes walk to metro Yugo-Zapadnaya. A very green neighbourhood, away from main street, so no annoying car sounds at night. Bedroom has balcony, bed and wardrobe.

Price: 23, 000 roubles
Move in date: tomorrow, if u like

Those interested should PM me.

Lolita D.
02-09-2015, 15:02
Hi !
I'm a french girl coming to Moscow at the end of september and I'm very interested in your offer. Can I see some pictures and can I have more informations about the flat and the other roommates ?
You can contact me at this adress lolita.druelle@hotmail.fr
Thanks a lot,