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16-07-2015, 22:26
My name is Adrienne, and I am a friendly, patient and enthusiastic English teacher who is new to the Moscow area. I have experience teaching English to adults in one-on-one and classroom settings, and have also taught children in different contexts and and subjects. I have a Master's degree in psychology that has informed me about the processes of language acquisition, especially in children, and the optimal conditions for learning. Additionally, I am CELTA certified, which means I went through an intensive training course to learn how to teach English using the communicative approach.

What is the communicative approach? You may have tried to learn a language by memorizing vocabulary words or decoding grammatical rules from conjugation and declension charts. With the communicative method, as opposed to learning a language by translating thoughts and texts from your language into English, you learn by hearing and using the language in realistic contexts. This way, even complete beginners can learn in immersion from day one!

I can teach both children and adults and will work to customize lessons based on level and age, as well as the specific reason why you or your child are learning English - for business, travel, university, or anything else! In my teaching philosophy, it is more important to make yourself understood than it is to not make any mistakes, and I will help you learn at your own pace without stress.

Email me at adrienne_e@ymail.com to ask any questions or schedule an initial meeting.

16-07-2015, 23:44
And as a special note to my fellow teachers - are you taking a summer holiday? Moving out of the area? If you need someone to take on your students either as a temporary substitute or permanent replacement, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I can use any curriculum or lesson plans you had already put together for your students or create my own.

24-07-2015, 15:31
Hi, I sent you an email today