View Full Version : been to the Vernisage in ismailovo

05-07-2015, 18:18
but because i have not been there for some time, all that has changed is maybe not so new news...
the 10 ruble entrance fee is gone. it is free in and out for all on all exits and entry points.
no more ( counterfeit) cd's, both stalls are gone. good.
shashlik is still good. as it was always. 4 big lamb chops, sauce,onions, 1/2 a lavash bread, big can of beer, 600 r is not to bad. and since i do not like my meat well done, they cooked it fresh. took a few minutes. but was worth the wait. new also they have now vegetarian shashlik. and also mushrooms. good, since not everyone is a canivore (sp?)out there.
still waiting for some good sausages. suppose will not happen to soon.
next to the shashlik grillers, on the second floor an Azeri restaurant has opened. will try it next time. weather was to good to sit inside.
found a nice elephant, one that i do not have yet.... still looking for a set of 7 (seven) cut out of Rosequarz. than my collection will be complete. until something comes along that i do not have yet....
up on the -flea market- row is still the little truck with espresso and cappuccino. no instant or capsules. but the real thing. good!