View Full Version : Any (old CCCP) plane enthusiasts around here?

05-07-2015, 09:21

story and the lady look great to me. anyone around here who shares her passion for the TU's? she for sure can need a helping hand...

08-07-2015, 05:05
I really love all soviet machinery stuff (cars, planes, wrist watches, etc).

What the...? Her boyfriend just SUPPORTS her? What kind of man is that?
You have your girl alone in an old Tupolev between dirt and metal and you're sitting home just waiting for her, with your support?? :rofl:

My boyfriend, friends and family are supporting me', said Maria. 'My boss wasn’t very passionate about the idea and was grumbling that I should be spending more time on science. But once when we were at a conference together he was the one to start telling people I am restoring a plane. He said, ‘Masha, you have the photos with you, show them’.