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Konstantin Pylev
02-04-2015, 22:21
Good day!

My name is Konstantin and I would like to offer a professional driver service.

Airport transfers:
Arrival - 2 500 RUB. (meet in arrivals lounge with personal greeting card, parking fees are covered unless the rate is over 200 RUB per hour.
Departure - 2 000 RUB.

City Rates:
1 000 RUB per hour. Please note that the minimum charge is for one hour only. parking fees are covered (unless the rate is over 100 RUB per hour)

Mixed Rate:
If a transfer and several hours of city driving is booked then the rate will be the same as the city rate +1 hour. Example - an arrival transfer +3 hours of city driving will cost only 4 000 RUB. (start of service counts as soon as the client is met by the driver and finishes as soon as the driver parks the car at the final destination.
(Minimum of three hours of service must be booked before or after the transfer to take advantage of the mixed rate)

All clients who book more than 10 hours of service per month get a 10% discount on transfer rates and 20% on city rates. (Arrival transfers count as 3 hours and departure transfer count as 2 hours).

Other discounts and payment options are available. PM for details.

Can be booked for long periods of time. PM for details.

No extra cost for luggage. (as long as it fits in the trunk).
baby seat can be provided (please indicate upon booking).
Complimentary 4G WI-FI.
Complimentary mineral water.
Complimentary newspapers (Moscow Times, + Russian newspapers)

Additional services can be provided, please let me know and I will do my best to satisfy your needs.

I am fluent in English, Spanish, Russian. Can speak French.

Standard dress code is smart casual but can be specified by the client.

Prices are indicated for a Mazda 6 (2014). If you require a different car please indicate your needs upon booking. Nothing is impossible.

02-04-2015, 23:08
Why so expensive?:nono:

Konstantin Pylev
02-04-2015, 23:20
Why so expensive?:nono:

first of all look at the prices from competing drivers, but please bear in mind that I'm not a taxi driver, so comparisons against them are incorrect. Just to compare - Uber black premium costs 3500 RUB. Uber black costs 1500 RUB. No differentiation for arrivals and departures. My cost slides in between. Class wise the new Mazda 6 is a business class sedan, the same as the Mercedes e_klasse. Not price wise but class wise. In other words same size and same comfort.

Second - look at the services that are provided. Water, newspapers, wi-fi, parking fees are covered. No waiting fees. If you want budget service, where the driver is at best Russian, knows the city to a certain degree, will be dressed in tracksuit bottoms, will not help you with anything and may speak a few words of English at best, then you can call a cab, if you want service in a discreet, non marked car then call me.

Third - the level of service that you get. luggage is carried for you, I can accompany you if you require assistance, amongst other things. Like I said above I am fluent in three languages and speak a fourth to a fairly reasonable standard and I driver a well serviced car in the highest trim available.

Konstantin Pylev
02-04-2015, 23:39
Also one last thing. Look at the prices, look at the discount options. for a one of transfer or one hour of service the rate is good, if you are a constant client then the rates are very good. I have clients that pay around the 500 RUB per hour mark. And it's not that hard to get that discount.

Plus look at the other positive points. The minimum charge is one hour - please find another limo driver that will get out of bed for just one hour of work. For the same level of service that I provide people will say a minimum of 3+1 hours of service.

Please look at the market rates and prices and other important service details before making inadequate and inaccurate statements.

Is the service too expensive for you? It's possible. Is the service too expensive, compared to similar offers? NOPE.