View Full Version : Flat from April 20- August 20 NEEDED

Masha Moscowskaya
31-03-2015, 12:25

I am looking for a 1 bedroom flat anywhere in Moscow.

Dates: From April 20th (or up to two weeks later) until August 20th

Budget: Up to 28000 ALL included (by that I mean internet, too)

Location: Within walking distance to any metro, no more than 15 mins

Furniture needed: Bed, desk, fully fitted kitchen.

Doesn't need to be modern, babushka-variant is totally fine.

not on the first floor.

no agents

m.safarovic AT yandex.ru

About me: I am from Germany and have previously lived in Moscow for over four years, working as a translator and teacher. I have always paid my rent punctually. I could even provide a reference if needed. Говорю по-русски. Now I need to return for just four months. If the flat can be rented for 20000, I would be willing to pay in advance. I am currently in Finland, so all communication has to be via the above mentioned email address.