View Full Version : spring is here, and the BEAVERS are back

28-03-2015, 17:58
and from the looks of it they are very hungry. This is out here in Strogino, on the Moskva river. it is already free of ice. there are hundreds of ducks, they tke food out of your hand...

and the beavers....for sure there must be more than one. where i took the pics this is only a small part.

where we walk the dogs. (so fair enough we don't see the beavers. but they are out in the night anyway, when WE are sleeping). trees are gnawed on all the way to Serebrany Bor and that is about 5km...

29-03-2015, 09:01
and they do it all without anyone seeing them......just like my daughter with her box of doughnuts .....and me with my secret stash of booze;)