View Full Version : VOX AC15CC1X Guitar Amp For Sale

alex shifrin
28-03-2015, 16:40
For Sale: VOX AC15CC1X Guitar Amp

The amp is freakiní amazing. It will make your ears bleed. If that isnít the desired effect then stop reading now. Some cosmetic dings and various battle scars left over from the times I rocked out on stage to the delight of ecstatic masses of flesh and sweat, swaying to the awesomeness pumping from the ampís Celestian Alnico Blue 12Ē speaker, lovingly cradled behind the signature basket weave vinhyde and brown diamond grill cloth.

It will make you sound like The Edge, unless you feel that The Edge is a talentless hack in which case this amp will make you sound nothing like The Edge.

Asking R45K. Hereís a link to local pricing for a similar model, which goes for about R60K new: http://www.muztorg.ru/cat/details/A045915/

PM for details.

alex shifrin
28-04-2015, 23:28