View Full Version : Street repairs around our building

20-02-2015, 15:49
in the morning
1 supervisor
1 truck with a driver
1 person who who cuts squares win the damaged asphalt
3 people to dig out the old asphalt, clean up the mess, shovel the bits and pieces into the truck

in the afternoon
One truck with a driver
1 person who works with the machine that flattens the asphalt
3 workers
1 supervisor
for each =hole- one plastic bag of pre packed asphalt

asphalt is being hacked open with an iron stick and shovels, and packed, together with the bits and pieces from the plastic bag, into the pre cute square. then flattened and compressed with a machine.

holes are done neatly, in two weeks time they will cut up the WHOLE street, together with the newly repaired =holes= ( a different company) and lay new asphalt. they have done this last November, when we were joking, they still must have some money left and need to spend it before New Year.

20-02-2015, 16:03
Never tell it for somebody who reads "reputable independent Western media". There everyone knows Russia is being fallen apart and economics is destroyed. :)