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08-08-2003, 18:22
Well, what are your pastimes?

What do you like to do?

I have just finished a great game of Golf at Nahibina, my mind is still there, even with the rain it was great, and I did some biz as well.

Now I am with a client in my office, he is just sorting his doc's out before we start :( and I should still be out there, the sacrifices I do for clients huh! ;)

Cretin Crusher
09-08-2003, 14:44
My business activities are connected with FMCG retail, which means I'm in some supermarket or another about 12 days a week. Good thing I enjoy cooking, not that I always have time to even buy anything at all these supermarkets, let alone being able to find time to prepare anything. Used to be into photography - as soon as I have a business excuse to buy a top-flight digital camera, I'll probably take the camera home and get into it again.

13-08-2003, 12:52
I wish I could also try my hand at golf some time. But none of my friends except just one are willing to keep me company! And the only guy who could play with me (actually teach me) is so far away!

13-08-2003, 20:16
I love to golf. I've been playing since I was about 6 years old. Played on all my school teams, and also for my ship team when I was in the US Navy. Other past-times...riding mountain bike (and seemingly crashing into trees alot, unfortunately)...rugby...baseball...building a PC game with a friend of mine...general socializing...etc...


PS MM...be happy to hook up with you for a round when I get over there. Might have to wait til next summer to hit the links, but it sure would be fun! :)

27-08-2003, 10:47
You can play at Tumba, Mosfimskaya, green fees are 500 rubles, cart hire is 100 rubles, I don't know about clubs, I have a spare set if you need to use them.

It is a 9 hole course, quite tight fairways but good fun

Nahibina is expensive, between $70 - $100 to play, 540 for cart hire, but it is a great course and I play there as oten as possible, i am a member so I don't pay :)

Hope this helps you out.

Next year we may organise a tournament if there is enough interest from the site


DJ Biscuit
24-12-2003, 13:55
MM I have just read a disturbing article on the I-Net.

Apparantely the French are claiming they invented and played golf long before the Scots/Brits.

Bon Noel!

24-12-2003, 14:15
Arrggghhhh They lie,... the froggies invented only great food and wine....



Besides everyone knows the Americans invented everything ever invented unless it went wrong then they blame it on some one else ;)

24-12-2003, 15:16
Golf ? "A good walk ruined", to quote Samuel Johnson. :D

Did try it a few times, but my enormous lack of skill does no wonders for my blood pressure and I tend to think "If I had a rifle with me, I could hit the flag at this range." ;-)))))

I suppose golf is an excercise in zen, but - Dave here is better at downhill skiing , and I don`t ski. ;-))))) Hats off to any of you who can propel the little white ball around the course - it`s beyond me. ;-)))))

DJ Biscuit
24-12-2003, 15:18
Johnson, I thought it was Mark Twain? :D

24-12-2003, 15:19
And Davey, it si a good excuse to get out of the office... clients etc ;)

24-12-2003, 18:06
Spouse and son play golf - I've never seen the point. I'll stick to my martial arts, at least when I get back to the US full-time. I've tried several different styles in Moscow, but the lack of safety gear during full-contact sparring turned me off. I've got one bad knee already and don't want to risk a worse injury. So I just practice with my sword and staff in my apartment, which is a bit of a tight fit. Whacked the light fixtures a couple of times, but so far no damage...

Anyone else here into Korean martial arts? I'd love to find a workout partner.