View Full Version : Poetry of Yana Djin

Korotky Gennady
15-02-2015, 21:03

Eleven ( for my father)

Years later, to be precise, eleven,
on the day that butchered your heart into splinters,
the gray steel of water reflects the heaven,
and your features come through in a blurry filter.

I don't imagine that you ever grew neutral,
relentless but hurt you tear through chaos,
shoving off the call of the reason - brutal,
mumbling into my dream some unknown prayers.

Eleven years later and there is no despair,
as if pain had been numbed by a shot of morphine.
On a foreign street your soul stripped bare,
and went home like the others -- a deserted orphan.

The prayers you mumbled were ancient, somber.
Each syllable stole your allotted breath.
In order to wake from life's slumber,
you have to become one with death.

Forty days they wondered through desert's amnesia.
The oasis was empty like a dried-out womb.
Forty years or so in search of unnamed treasure
in a foreign city that resembles a tomb.

But it all comes down to an instant splintered,
to an instant bare, red and hot.
On your homeland's street, in nonexistent winter
I will kneel and gather into one whole -- your heart.