View Full Version : Phone in your car...??

22-02-2008, 15:38
Lets be honest - this is going to be a big problem nowadays.....

I think everyone is aware about percent of car-accidents because of driver's neglectness.....and one of reasons - is speaking by phone in your car......:rant: :rant:

Honestly - I am not driver!!
And have not desire to be in a close future......:mooooh:

But I am viewing this topic from position of pedestrians, who are very insecure in our crazy traffic......
And on my opinion - there are a lot of others dangerous things, like bad roads:grind:...false-certificates of drivers:rolleyes:....weather reasons:9437:.....
And it is not necessarily at all - to add one more cause for accidents.....!!

So - please vote sincerely...;) and discuss a Thread......

Thanks in advance...............

22-02-2008, 17:59
Bluetooth works fine for talking in the car - that is when I do most of my phone calls and I have nothing else to do while sitting in the traffic.

I find it hilarious watching the young girl (and yes it is mostly them I see doing it) talking on her mobile phone in one hand, trying to change gears with the other and then trying to steer and indicate with her imaginary third hand ...:duhhhh::duhhhh:

... some people just cannot work it out.

Mine you, even though it is illegal, when you see all the DPS guys driving around doing the same thing .. what do you expect :duhhhh::duhhhh::duhhhh: