View Full Version : Is there any German guy who need a friend to hung out sometimes?

18-03-2004, 20:50
Is there any German guy who need a friend to hung out sometimes?
I am 30 y.o. female, speak English and learn German since February. Even if it sounds like boring language exchange, I believe meeting me is fun and I have no expectation except friendship. Thank you in advance for PM

Hugh Jass
19-03-2004, 10:52
Girlfriend, forget the German ! You need to polish that English a bit. You want someone German to HANG with ? Or you want a German who's well HUNG (pretty rare, from what I hear). There's a big difference ! I think you meant the former, but you probably wouldn't mind the latter.

Go get 'em, sister ! Achtung Baby, Ich bin ein Berliner !

28-03-2004, 12:16
May I suggest Joachim Von Ribbentrop ? :)

24-04-2004, 23:02
Hast du schon jemandem gefunden? Ya prosto tozhe iskala Sprachpartner zdes i mozhesh predstavit nashla! i dazhe bez expectations! no vot tolko blin po Russki on govorit luchshe chem ya po nemezki - vot i obshaemsa my do sih por na Russkom! Tak chto praktika minimalnaya no zato male friend bez expectations tozhe ne plohoe preobretenie!

25-04-2004, 00:53
Kommst du hier oft, Fraulein ? :D

25-04-2004, 01:08
Are you that friend, by any chance, pretending to be German?

25-04-2004, 01:18
Ich ? Aber nein, Nat, warum in Himmel denkst du das ? ;)

25-04-2004, 01:26
Incidentally - "Ich bin Berliner" - "I am from Berlin"...... "Ich bin ein Berliner" - translates as "I am a kind of doughnut filled with custard and covered in icing sugar". Ahhh, American presidents and foreign policy..... ;-))))

25-04-2004, 02:21
Originally posted by DaveUKagain
Ich ? warum in Himmel ? ;)

sounds like literal translation from English

25-04-2004, 06:31
It is a literal translation from English, thus the error in what President John F. Kennedy wanted to say, i.e., "I am a Berliner and I stand with you." Instead, he said he was a piece of tasty pastry. However, the Germans in the crowd where he was speaking understood what he meant and loved it.

25-04-2004, 07:29
They`re actually referred to as Berliner Bols in Holland. Used to get one now and then from the van on the Haeemraadsingel on the way back from work. Occaisionally couldn`t eat it for laughing - "Meneer, aschublief twee Berliner Bols, dank u wel"....... :D

JFK`s other mistake was smoking Petit Upmanns, but that`s another story........

26-04-2004, 11:26
Well, about feedbacks on my treat:
I am corresponding with Austrian guy who seems to be quite nice
but has too much business to do and countries to go,
still hope to catch up with him in Moscow and speak German.
Alonochka, glad to hear what you have found someone suitable,
friendship does matter too.
On the funny side - had reply from one Italian who offered Italian or French *didn't I ask about German?* ach was...
Spring has arrived where all Germans in Moscow? Don't anyone feel like going out, improve your Russian and meet a cute, smart girl like me? HELP!!!

26-04-2004, 11:38
"and meet a cute, smart girl like me"........ cf "I believe meeting me is fun and I have no expectation except friendship." Evie, you`d have more success if you put down "Russian girl seeks German boyfriend", wouldn`t you .................. ?

26-04-2004, 11:46
I might but I am not looking for a boyfriend, Dave.
I need a buddy to get together sometimes, have coffee,
lauth and speak German-Russian, it's it. I don't need any
wallet or sex partner.

27-04-2004, 09:14
Originally posted by TOMORROWEVE
I don't need any
wallet or sex partner. Doesn't everyone need a sex partner at one moment or another? :D

27-04-2004, 14:20
Dear Runner,
It's not a personal's pool treat, so no need for coments like that.
What's wrong if someone just want to improve a language and
I think it's honest to say what I am not interested in sex involment with a person for a pure language exchange.
Can't two people separate personal life and common language interest?

27-04-2004, 15:51
Well well i had a boyriends, better to say groom :-) and he was geroman so i learned some german though we spoke mainly english. I don't want to lose my knowledge and experience and also would like to talk german sometimes and besides would appreciate if people correct me :-)
Na ja- aber koennen wir auch selbst sprehen mit ein andere! Zum beischpiel wir koennen treffen ins cafe oder so und diskutieren, tratschen :-)
so that we have some experience, well just idea if anyone supports this we can do, as well we could meet at someone, or rent for example library room for 2 hours and gether there :-)
if there will be a wish everything can be orgonized!

27-04-2004, 17:02
hallo anyaross,

wenn Sie deutsch lernen moechten, oder kontakt zu deutschsprachigen leuten aus moskau suchen, dann moechte ich Ihnen folgendes FORUM empfehlen:


FORUM (http://www.aktuell.ru/forum/)

Alles Gute!