View Full Version : more temp reg woes

18-02-2008, 22:19
ok, so the process is now clear, i know all the documents i need and have become best friends with the FMS website, so here's the problem:
while going to be registered ie прописаться i was told that for the particular region there is a quota for 100 foreigners which is promty filled by a wave of CIS citezens.
so how the hell am i suposed to prove i live where i live (as one of the temp reg requirments) when there is even a quota on that?!
am i supposed to aimlessly ramble from region to region in the search of a place to officially live or what?

surely you cant be denied a прописка if you are actually living in the place?

has anyone encountered anything similar???

19-02-2008, 00:40
I asume that you are not married to a russian wife? if so then the quota will not aplly to you.
secondly and an english i wouldint be surprised if you became number 1 of the 100.

19-02-2008, 13:21
i know i am subject to the quota as i am wifeless, but still a separate quota for getting registered for where you live was a surprise, im still sure it cant be true.
as for the waves of CIS, well im sure i could get on the list if i butter up the head there, but i have no desire to bribe him at the moment :11721: