View Full Version : Pakistan,they should be all shot w/out a trial...

16-12-2014, 16:44

more than 130 dead...

in my opinion, scum like that has no right to live. The kids did not have a chance and no choice either. Might that be in Pakistan, as it was in Beslan or anywhere else.
And let them die dreaming they will be in Nirvana with 77 Virgins or young boys... they will be in hell, looks like more of it.
I know we live in a Democracy and even the lowest of lowlives has a right to trial and his day in court. and is only guilty after the judge has handed down his sentence.
tell that the parents. and the ones who do NOT agree with my post here will be the first to scream =string them up high= when THEIR loved ones will be the victims.
RIP, all kids, what a waste of young lives. In the name of religion? don't think the prophet (pbuh) would have wanted THAT!

good for the army!no need for trials, no need for wasting a lot of time and money. good riddance. and they should cut off a(ny) part of their body. so they for sure will not play with the virgins....