View Full Version : Hey there, ho there... I am back.. missed me ??

15-03-2004, 12:56
Back from my slogging around trip to Belguim, you all missed me huh???? I said You all missed me huh???

Wel, anything I need to read guys? there are far to many posts for me to go through, gotta go to Krasnyarsk tommorow evening until Friday :(


15-03-2004, 13:15
Ahem...er...harrumph....yeah, Len, I missed you terribly.

Um, did you go somewhere?

15-03-2004, 13:27
Hey, MM, maybe you'd like for me to give you some material to get you warmed up for your next stint as moderator?

15-03-2004, 16:39
Ermm, Faq, I am off again soon :) Actually I didn't miss me either... nobody loves me :)

DJ Biscuit
15-03-2004, 16:40
Sorry, and you are.... who again? :p

15-03-2004, 16:45
Hey MM,

I am also back, only I have been away much longer and never posted really much anyway :)

So I guess this is just my sad cry out for attention ;-)

So how was Belgium? Anything good at all? Your message does not sound very enthiousiastic... ;)

15-03-2004, 16:54
:) still the same

15-03-2004, 17:43
Welcome back MM - but you say you're off again? Will you be here on the weekend???

Teutonic Deity
15-03-2004, 18:23
hey len, you got any contacts over at Cosmic bowling & billiards? we were thinking of doing the friday get-together there this week...

15-03-2004, 18:27
Yeah, better check what kind of "mahnataya lapa" Len has to hook us up for bowling.

15-03-2004, 19:28
Bak for the gig Jules :)

at cosmic, nope sorry,

FAQ :) fa-q ;)