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15-02-2008, 12:34
Sorry about starting another one, couldn't find any answers anywhere else...

I have a 12 month visa valid from 16.12.07 until 16.12.08, but subject to the 90/180 law.

I arrived in Russia on December 18th. I have A stamp saying I am registered until March 18th.. Let's say I decide to leave On February 16th for 90 days, and then come back on May 17th. I then stay for the remaining 30 days of my 180 day period until June 16th... what happens next? Do I have to leave the country and come back, or can I just go to my local immigration office and get a new stamp? And will I then be allowed to stay 90 days of the next 180?

Or have I completely misunderstood how the whole system works :nut:

Thanks in advance! :10518:

18-02-2008, 17:01

18-02-2008, 19:07
1- The 90/days concern your presence in Russia, not the registration.

2- You must be registered during your stay.

It means that even if you would be registered 6 months, you can not stay 6 months.

So in your example, just register again if you stay here after June 16th. Always consider at first the days when you ARE in Russia, and be registered during these days.

18-02-2008, 21:32
I believe that the main responsibility lies with UFMS here.

UFMS can't register you if it is against the law. If you have 30 days left on your visa (within expiry date of course) and UFMS registers you for all the days left over in your visa, it is the UFMS who is acting against the law.

In other words: UFMS cannot give you a registration that would result in them (and therefore you) breaking the law. A government is NEVER allowed to act against its own laws. It would sort of take away the point of laws....

You are supposed to take notice of and understand the immigration laws of Russia. However, you should be able to rely on Russian officials to be aware of their own laws and acting accordingly. Just as because these officials are law enforcers.

Guest, can you mention any official source that provides this information in any modern foreign language, i.e. the languages that most foreigners should be able to understand?

19-02-2008, 09:50
Thanks guys... if there is anything in Russian or English then please let me know!

I know the 90 days concern my presence in Russia, I probably shouldn't have mentioned registration as it just confused what I was trying to ask...

What I'm trying to clear up is:

My 180 day period began on December 18th, and ends on June 16th. Can I spend any 90 days I like within that period in Russia?

If I am in Russia on June 16th, do I then have to leave the country and re-enter for my second 180 day period to start, or can I just stay?


21-02-2008, 13:37