View Full Version : Palestinian Territories: Hamas Test Fires Rockets

05-12-2014, 00:03
Everybody seems to be test-firing rockest at the moment, but whilst the schools and hospitals are not correctly working, Hamas continues to posture for War:

Hamas increased the pace of its rocket trials in the Gaza Strip, launching seven test rockets into the Mediterranean Sea over the past two days, Arutz 7 News reported Dec. 4.

Hamas also tested four rockets in November, over a two-day period. Israel Defense Forces claim the militant group is trying to find ways to extend the rockets' range to threaten more Israeli cities.

An IDF spokesperson also said the group was rebuilding tunnels used to smuggle rockets and weapons much of Hamas' underground network was damaged or destroyed in this summer's fighting.

Uncle Wally
05-12-2014, 01:47
Why can't we all get along?