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14-03-2004, 16:27
Having traveled to some of the more exotic Destinations in the world , I have been able to experience some pretty exotic situations .In January of 2000 I arrived in Moscow with a couple of bags and made straight for the relative safty of a well known expat bar to get the scope on the city ,Having just left Thailand after living on one of those drug enfused islands for a few months Ko phan Yang ,i was quietly confident i could handle my welcoming drink comprising of 10 tequila glasses shot gunned and three yards of Vodka Orange .All the Expats watched me deteriorate over a one hour period and being the caring lot that they were piled me into a cab and posted to my home .
After geting to my floor i had problems using my key ,so i went down stairs to ask for assistance from the seventy year caring babushka .She took sympathy on me and laid me down on her bed in the back room to sleep it off .I am not sure how long i slept but my sleep was interupted when i woke up Naked apart from my underpants that she was slowly peeling off .I will always remember that toothless grin on her face and the big mole with hairs growing out of it .When i started dating girls and would walk by her she would always give me this sexy smile and wink ,but what i have always wondered is! did she wear false teeth