View Full Version : exchange boots, cheating on the rise once more

24-11-2014, 16:27
from the -Moscow 24- news.

Special when you have smaller notes and want to change into a bigger sum. does not matter if it is Valuta or the other way round. the teller counts them, but how often can you see the machine? and tells you it is not enough to be exchanged for THAT sum. returns you the money, with a few notes missing... try to argue? well, try....:cry:

also, booths do not always have a license or still operating under the name of a closed bank, revoked license or the like... Omon comes calling, and should you happen to be there as well, (they showed the pics) YOUR money is also gone. :cry:be happy they let you go, because YOU TOO are working with a fraudulent organisation... again, try argue? with the Omon? not me for sure....

24-11-2014, 16:47
but how often can you see the machine?
Always - I change in the same place for 6 yrs already...:neiner: