View Full Version : Pussy Riot in London

16-11-2014, 23:55
Well, it seems that a couple of members of Pussy Riot have turned up in London and here is some video from the Guardian newspaper website:-


Memorable quote from Nadezhda Tolokonnikova:-

''I would like to see a female President because it seems Russians like to see the President without a t-shirt on. Women are better qualified for this''

They even made the front page of the paper:-

Russian Lad
17-11-2014, 00:02
Good. Rusmeister, remember what I told you two years ago? :) Are you still religious, after watching Christians murder each other, cheered on by their priests from both sides?

17-11-2014, 06:22
Subway sect Pussy Riots....
are they a Subway Sect?
and the left pic looks very much a copy, cut and past job to me....