View Full Version : Dutch or English playgroup for boy of 1.5

12-03-2004, 17:59
Any body has any suggestions for me: finding a dutch or English playgroup for my 1.5 yr old son for 2 mornings a week.
Maybe their are more dutch speaking children out their?
We are going to live for at least half a year nearby the Krasnaya Presnya area. Located directly on the Garden Ring. any body also have any suggestions finding a nice appartment in this area? Is this area friendly for kids?
Regards, Simone

14-03-2004, 22:06
Hi Simone,

I cannot tell, depends pretty much on the exact location. But I do think that directly on the garden ring is not the best place if you just think of the air polution of the 24/7 busy traffic on the garden ring........

16-03-2004, 19:14
The krasnaya Presnaya area has plenty of nice places for walking with kids. also quite near the American Embassy, which has a daycare that might solve your problem for 2 mornings a week of playgroup.

18-03-2004, 12:42
Have you considered English Nursery School on Ulitsa Obrecheva off Leninsky Prospekt.. Not sure where this is in relation to you but it is a new school and takes children quite young. Call 933-2893 if you would like to investigates