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12-02-2008, 15:21
Im gonna get married with a russian lady quite soon and need some advice on the marriage. I' m trying to estimate a budget and the alternatives. Can somebody tell me the best alternatives and prices for below items?

-Wedding dress for bride
-Wedding suit for groom
-Limousine service
-Restaurant hall for 20-25 people
-Wedding Rings
-Wedding Cake
-Registration place (as far as i know, foreigns can get married only in one place, right?)

12-02-2008, 15:29
In this culture, whose family pays for certain parts of the wedding? In the USA, unless the couple are already well established, the bride's family pays for the wedding dress and the location. The groom and his family usually pay for the rings, the groom's suits. The families will often share the cost of other parts of the wedding.

12-02-2008, 18:49
Wedding dress - price can be anything that you want it to be. Several thousand dollars is not hard to reach in Moscow. My wife looked at about 30 shops (I know, I was the driver) - she is very small and very hard to find dress styles she likes and ended up at one in VDNK which was made to fit and cost 54,000 Rubles. She tells me that was expensive and that you can get them for 1/3rd that and they will be good (she only told me that today mind you - damn these women are cleaver :mooooh:)

I bought a Tux (didn't have one in Moscow) and it was 1800 - very little choice of where to buy a Tux and that was the cheapest option I found.

Limo - there are stacks that you can find on the internet, but don't forget that you will likely need two - in Russia all your guests from the wedding ceremony go with you on the drive for photos. Prices vary as to what you want and then you also purchase your decorations for the car. I think we paid about 24,000 Rubles (can't find the stuff right now) for 3 cars and the decorations for the wedding car.

Photographer - she was very good and cost us about 17,000 and that was for the full day from 11am (we had a morning wedding, the only time free on the day the wife wanted) to 11:30pm.

What about Video Camera man? Cost wise about similar to the photographer, depending on how long they are there for as well.

Wedding rings - if you are buying simple bands then they are relatively inexpensive at many of the jewellers. A few thousand rubles each. Again, you set the limit there. I had mine made in Australia and bought them over with me.

Also when you sign up with Zags they give you an information pack which includes a discount card for some shops.

Wedding cake - we had ours done through the restaurant as part of the restaurant price. We had a small restaurant for about 32 people and we paid about 100,000 Rubles (including 10% for the staff). That was expensive I am told (again, only today .. damn these females :11363:) as we had Italian wine (it was in July when Russia stopped all wine supplies and we ordered in advance) and some great food - I like fresh prawns (shrimps) and we had them as well, so the price can be much lower I suspect. The restaurant is called Baloven T on 17 Komsomolsky Prospect - great place even just for dinner or lunch, the food was great, and the serving staff were fantastic, even the chef did some flaming dishes for us as part of the presentation of the evening, so worth the money in my mind.

Zags Number 4 - Butyrskaya Street is the one for foreigners. Pay extra and get the music played - harp, violin, cello.

The other thing you have missed is an Entertainer/MC and music - very important for a Russian wedding. That cost about 15,000 for the evening, including music. Our MC was a lady and the music was done by her husband - but very professional. The MC will make sure that all the traditional Russian parts of the celebration are done properly (which is very important for the bride and her family) and make sure it is a good party as well.

You can get things a lot cheaper than we did - but I was given 4 weeks to arrange the whole thing (the wife didn't want a wedding party and then she did) so the lack of time made everything more expensive.

As far as things to do, you will need a certificate from your embassy that you have no impediment to getting married (needs to be in Russian and English) and then you will need to get the Russian version apostilled, before you go to Zags. From memory they also needed a translated and notarised copy of your passport. Zags waiting time will be 4 to 6 weeks, depending on what day you want.

If you don't speak Russian you will also need someone to translate for you - and you cannot use your wife to be. Have one of her friends do it for you. At Zags they can stand behind you and whisper in your ear so you understand everything. Most of my wife's friends are fluent English speakers and I used them as translators for my family that attended - sat my family between them (helped people mix as well) and her best friend was my "official" translator for the day/evening - she was with us during the Zags ceremony and sat next to us at the wedding party.

My advice is to make sure you include as much of the traditional Russian wedding party as you can. They have great weddings and are much more fun than Western weddings as a whole and many of the traditional things they do have very good meaning to the family.

The people at Zags are very good and very helpful and even though you have to spend time waiting, that is just because they are very busy, it is not too long. As far as public servants go in Russia, they are certainly the most cheerful and pleasant ones to deal with.

Hope this helps a bit.

18-05-2008, 05:19
Sheesh! That's the price of most western weddings! You had Armani tux or something??!! I'm not poor but I'm too cheap to pay those prices, I think it's one of the qualities my Russian bf loves about me!! HAHAHA!!! :irule: