View Full Version : Cartoon about the federal reserve

12-11-2014, 22:14
Here is a 30 minute video about the federal reserve.

its a cartoon, but has quite a few facts and is easier to watch than some videos on the internet that are much longer.

The American Dream Film-Full Length - YouTube

There are other videos on the internet with much more detail, and "proof" as it were. This is just a summary......

There will be a few posters on this forum that will imediately rubbish this video with cries of "conspiracy theory" etc. yeah right, it is just the plain facts.

This video has had 1.6 million veiws, of the people that left feedback 97% gave thumbs up and 3% gave the thumbs down.

Uncle Wally
12-11-2014, 22:54
I watched it long ago. It's very good.

Uncle Wally
13-11-2014, 22:20
I wonder how many people watched this?

Oh Uncle Wally we don't want to know

We've been blinded by the television snow

Like a leaf it's, anyway it blows

Come on Uncle Wally we don't really want to know.