View Full Version : Wednesday Feb 13th - Runaway's Expat/Russian business mixer

12-02-2008, 13:56
This week at Hemingway's!!!! Runaway's Expat/Russian business mixer

Wednesdays have long been a traditional night in Moscow for Expats to meet and greet, well in fact it is in a lot of places around the world. The idea of the night is to meet with fellow business people reviving old contacts and maybe establishing some new.
(The kicker - you might even make a friend or two)

The idea started here in the mid to late nineties. In the early part of 2000 the nights split into a couple of groups because different issues and "Meeting Point" as well as the "Alternative" night (Sponsored by Runaway Promotions) continued well into 2005. Since that time there has been an absence of such get togethers other then those thrown together by those of you on the site.

In an effort to revive those nights I started out doing a Wednesday night every now and then at Hemingways and the Shamrock. I must admit the response has been more then favorable and a lot of newcomers have joined in on the fun so why not come along for the ride.

What's the worse thing can happen? You could have a little fun?

Let us help with, see the drink specials listed below!!
2 for 1
Whisky Colas
Long Island Iced Teas
Rum and Colas
All night!

Plus 2 for 1 Corona from 7 until 9pm

Please pass this information on to your friends!!!