View Full Version : Any good preschools where a lilttle 4yo Canadian can learn Russian?

12-03-2004, 10:19
My husband is Canadian and I am Russian and we live in Canada at the moment. We have a 3.5 yo boy.
I started off speaking Russian to my son but slowly went to English (all my and his friends are English speaking, family language is English, there are no Russian friends/schools here) it seems natural to me now but I do want him to learn Russian.
We may be relocating to Moscow soon and I see it as a great opportunity for my little English speaking half-Russian to learn Russian (he does understand a little but can not form sentences ,etc)
Does anyone know of a good Russian preschool/nursery school for a 4yo? Maybe something that has both languages so that he can practice his English too and be understood?

Thanks for any recommendations!

12-03-2004, 23:30
park place and donskoi posad (both run by hines) both claim to do english/russian according to parents' request. check out earlier threads in this forum to find more details, because sorry, can't seem to find the details right now!

17-03-2004, 14:59
There is a wonderful Motessori Bilingual school in Arbat telephone 108-2088. Speak with Natalya in English or Russian about the program.:) :)

16-04-2004, 14:38
Try http://www.magnolia-school.ru/. We are very happy with this school.

16-04-2004, 14:46
Call Masha Leonova at Sad Sam's - 8 916 676 2803.

There's a Canadian girl at this school at the moment but I know vacancies go very quickly and there's usually a waiting list. The classes are all taken in Russian and all the teachers are Russian, but the children are various nationalities - some 100% Russian, others 100% foreign and some mixed, so your son won't feel out of place at all, even if he can't speak or understand much Russian.

Good luck! :)