View Full Version : activities for expat families

29-10-2014, 14:16
I am now married and have son here in Moscow . Any others out there? what do expat married couples with children do in moscow?

29-10-2014, 14:21
I'm watching this with interest

Particularly interested to hear about any weekend activities for young toddlers, for my friend

29-10-2014, 14:57
most cafes provide entertainment for children on the weekend from 12-5ish. So, lots of people just choose a nice cafe, eat, and watch the children play.

for instance, star light dinner offers "animators" that speak english. And so does beverly hills cafe.

there are also tons of things to do, such as ice skating (at evropiesky mall -top floor), different events at local parks (green school @ gorky park), or just letting the children run wild while the adults play softball.

09-12-2014, 13:28
I can recommend to try something different like Scuba diving!! I am sure you gonna love it and if your kid is more than 10 years old, that could be a great family experience...