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20-10-2014, 11:34
Does anyone know of anywhere where cheap tickets for concerts etc. can be found?

This could be classical or popular tbh, but what prompts me to ask is that one of my favourite artists, Stromae, is coming to play a gig in Moscow on December, but even standing tickets are over 4000r! Are there any alternative ways to purchase cheaper tickets here?

20-10-2014, 12:25
[QUOTE=joshpowell;1363405]Does anyone know of anywhere where cheap tickets for concerts etc. can be found?

be aware of scalpers, special if you do not know the location! if it is available, try to load down a plan of the location . and you can compare your place with the place on the plan.

they might sell yo ua ticket behind a pillar where you see nothing. from such an angle that you need to be able to turn your head 180 degrees, like an owl,
maybe in front of a batterie of speakers and you walk out deaf...

direct sale via their internet fan / home page?
logging in to a fan club and get tickets there?


says no concert in Moscow. or did I miss something? the list though goes only through 17th December.

20-10-2014, 12:46
Well, there are no tickets at less than 4K rur to this particular concert, it's not the matter of where they are sold. Agencies usually just add up to 10% of ticket price for their service.

OB Moscow
05-12-2014, 21:49
I recently found some cheap tickets at avito website. When someone purchased tickets but can not visit a concert, they sell it for half price the last or previous day.