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17-10-2014, 13:41
Hi there everyone. My name is Ian and I am 36 years old from Warrington in England. I arrived in Russia two weeks ago and am living 1 hour out of Moscow in a small town called Istra. I am teaching English in a small language school here. Expats and English speakers seem to be a bit thin on the ground here and my Russian is elementary at best. Any fellow expats or English speakers here live in or close to Istra? Otherwise I will be spending most of my free time in Moscow.

Nice to meet you all. Ian

17-10-2014, 13:46
Ian , welcome and thanks for the intro

There are a bunch of us that meet in Moscow on Mondays - a lot of different nationalities - Russians, Brits, South Africans etc - let us know if your ever here/free on a Monday