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Ana Interpreter
15-10-2014, 11:48
- water before 12 pm (no small snacks or coffee, tea with sugar)
-lunch- treat yourself all you can eat as this will be your only meal this day
-coffee/tea at 4 pm no sweeties as candies or pies
- stictly no food after 6 pm

Enjoy results in 7 days!

15-10-2014, 12:19
- strictly no food after 6 pm

no food 3h before going to sleep.
said that, that does not mean one should get -stuffed- before that time. -light- is the word-. fruits ,vegetables and salads with lots of water are always a good thing. though of course no mayo,40% sour cream and the like.
any =instant= diet is for the birds, you only loose water, nothing else. no fat, the body burns at first muscle mass before turns onto the loose fat.
THESE kinds of diets were thought already 45 years ago at my Hotelschool in Austria.
a good thing is also, serve everything on small (kids) plates. it is an optical illusion, -I- have a full plate, though it is only a kids portion....

15-10-2014, 12:48
What's the point of one large meal a day? To mess up one's system? And what's wrong with Ben suggests - eating small portions through the day and at regular times so one keeps the sugar level and hence the energy, up?

15-10-2014, 23:10
My gran and my mum were nibblers, no alcohol , no smoking....both had lots of children and lived very long lives....I like big nibbles and a fair amount of red wine but for sure early evening .......eat late ...die early!