View Full Version : Want to Donate Furniture to Charity

08-02-2008, 08:04
My company may have a number of desks, chairs, shelves and 'tumbochki' that it could donate to a charity or school. Can anyone provide me the contact details for a worthy recipient ?

Thank you in advance.

09-02-2008, 00:30
My company sponsors an orphanage. Not sure if they need it, it might well be the case. Do you want me to ask them? Cheers

Mikhail Mironov
22-07-2008, 16:59
Hey there!

I'm representing AIESEC in Moscow. If you know AIESEC is an international non-profit youth-driven organisation. Its purpose is to help young people to discover and develop their potential for a positive impact on society. So then if you're ready to give us some furniture, we'll greatful!
You may contact me on MSN (eachort@hotmail.com) or e-mail (mikhail.mironov@aiesec.net)

Peter F
21-11-2008, 11:23
Yes, in fact the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital on 117 Leninski Prospect. Below, see text I'll be submitting in new posting. You can contact the Project Manager Kostya at (919) 969-0801.

Out Patient Family Home
In a Moscow suburb near the hospital, the Charity in now building a 2nd residence similar to the “Ronald McDonald House” concept, where out-patient children and their family members may live when undergoing extended treatment. While the outside of the 3 story home is near completion, the Charity still needs many items for its 725 sq. meter, 15 room interior. Items such as: wood laminate or linoleum flooring; sinks, showers, toilets; wallpaper; kitchen appliances; furniture, such as beds, tables, chairs; interior doors.