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Gung Ho
07-10-2014, 13:32

Our children have gone off to university , so it was a good time to go through their old toys. We have quite a few boxes with Toys and Clothes.

Cloth sizes vary from Boy and Girl 16/18 years old and some adult clothes.

We are looking for a place that we can contact and donate this to, could be two different if needed. Clothes we generally can find a place for, we are more struggling with the toys etc.

Any sugegstions, addresses, phonenumbers would be welcome


07-10-2014, 14:03
Any sugegstions, addresses, phonenumbers would be welcome



while the site is in Russian language, Google chrome will for sure translate it. and if you have a car it is not fat from the MKAD.
there is also an e mail address where you can establish a first contact. SOS Childrens Village is an (Austrian started) NGO that does not get involved into politics, is not faith or religious affiliated. but has only one thing in mind: the welfare of kids.
well worth the effort.
and I think admin will not be gainst it, if you donate, that you post here results or impressions of the village.
check also please your pm.

07-10-2014, 23:16
The following charity supports children in orphanages in regions outside Moscow. They would definitely be interested in your old toys and clothes! PM me if you are interested in donating, and I can put you in touch with someone in Moscow who can take your donation to one of the orphanages.

Gung Ho
10-10-2014, 17:51
Kartoshka, I send you a PM

Gung Ho
16-10-2014, 15:51
Dear all,

I contacted the people through the website suggested by Kartoshka and someone contacted me a few days later to arrange pick up of goods.

Kartoshka, thank you for the recommendation and we managed to handover quite a few boxes.

See below what my wife posted on facebook:

"I just donated a lot of things to an orphanage in Bryansk (400km from Moscow). As a thank you gift I received a book and a hug." :)


Benedikt: I know you have some goods to donate and an address to give to.