View Full Version : Could a Stand Up Comedy Club Work in Moscow?

10-03-2004, 11:16
Went home this weekend and popped into a few comedy clubs... Does the idea not work in Russia? I fall asleep when I try to watch Russian comedians on TV (Anshlag etc.) on a stage with a huge audience. The idea of a small basement/bar environment where the comedian also tears apart the audience would be time well spent here. Would a thick neck wait outside and beat the comedian up afterwards?

10-03-2004, 11:20
And I know that there is crude comedy in Moscow... As opposed to the Soviet-sanctioned type which is still televised. A place to crack jokes at the gov't and all... When I lived on Arbat, there used to be some funny comedians who would set up shop right outside of Vahtangov theater. The crowds were huge.

10-03-2004, 13:44
I think it's a lovely idea.

10-03-2004, 13:45
ah.................................but it work, was the question!

10-03-2004, 14:16
It might work one night a week ...maybe an idea would be to approach a bar and see if they would hold a comedy night. Say on a Tuesday when its slow, then you'll get a feel for your customer base etc etc

Have pondered over the years trying to get Jack Dee, Chubby Brown etc to do a gig here ..always put off by the fact of cost and whether or not I could fill a large venue.

10-03-2004, 15:30
I agree with Random - try it out first in one of the existing clubs and see what happens.

10-03-2004, 18:37
This idea would work.

Ned Kelly
10-03-2004, 18:49
Originally posted by xt-tsi
This idea would work.

you couldn't be a pessimist with a nick like that:p

10-03-2004, 18:52
OK it would work .....but what you need is a bunch of people (male or female) who are funny and will stand up and do it ..

They have to have cross border appeal ie If your a Brit you have to make the Americans, Canadians, Welsh, Scots etc etc laugh - this would be no mean feat....

How many of us own Roy "Chubby" Brown vids/Dvd's and have shown them to fellow expats from other nations for them to stare blankly at the screen ?

Americans didn't get Bill Hicks until he went to the UK ...

The ability to screw this up is huge ......

Unless your gonna do this all in Russian in which case I think your gonna have zero impact on the avergae expat .....

DJ Biscuit
10-03-2004, 19:16
It is pretty specific, so the above post is correct about language and cross border humour. But on the other hand Russians find Benny Hill funny and I have never met a fellow Brit who thinks Benny Hill is funny despite the fact that he was English!

I know that there will be a stand up night in English in a city centre pub in a couple of months time as a trial. (hope it wont be too much of a trial ;) :D )

Billie Bob
10-03-2004, 19:24
It would work in Moscow, but you wouldn't have the same quality western comedians, styles etc...

As far as a Comedy club, we did have one here in Moscow ages ago among the expats.

The Radisson Hotel used to have the Press Center (which is now the Grand Prix Casino). Every other Friday night we would have comedy nights, and it was a riot!!!

But the problem for Russia, they do have comedians, but the comedy is different, and thats where you would run into problems. Russians do love comedy, but the western version, might not go.

Ned Kelly
11-03-2004, 15:39
but you've got to be able to heckle.