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06-02-2008, 10:21

Ok, the request for help finding a new spot for Wednesday nights came back null:bowdown:, so once again it will be at the Shamrock two for one specials from 7 till 9.:10189:

On another note Friday looks promising so read the post below:

Sportland :cheerleader:Unplugged Band "The Dacha"

AndJazz Existence band
In Sportland
"The Dacha" Singers:
Elkina Daria (vocal, acoustic guitar)
Youdanov Rodion (acoustic guitar, bass guitar)
Borodavkin Alexei (acoustic guitar, bass guitar)
8th February
Startsat 21.00
18.00-02.00 - Beer and vodkadiscount 50%

see ya there!:verycool: