View Full Version : access to Personals, etc

09-03-2004, 02:28
Whatever happened to the personals? I guess if the others have asked for access to personals or Adult forum or whatever it is called now, I would like to have access too. Is there some secret I must know? Please grant my wish.


09-03-2004, 05:43
Just PM MoscowMail or Teutonic Deity and ask.


09-03-2004, 09:15
Done, enjoy :)

in Red
17-03-2004, 16:49
MoscowMail, Teutonic Deity!
Would you be so kind...
to Adults... :shame: , Personals... :eek:
I'm over 18 :verycool: and i'm a good gal, i am. :D

in Red
17-03-2004, 17:01
Just cu-u-u-rious.

in Red
17-03-2004, 19:19
Alethea, thank you :)
Hope i'll be granted the permission too.
i think i'll be a more frequent guest at female only folder, though :)

Teutonic Deity
17-03-2004, 21:42
you've been added in Red, enjoy!

18-03-2004, 15:15
yes, I too am curious to know what is behind the forbidden door. I am old enough to drink in the US, but not to rent a car.... so please, can I have access too?

in Red
18-03-2004, 17:10
Teutonic Deity,
thanks :inlove: