View Full Version : What does my employer need to do?

04-02-2008, 14:15
I need to know what kind of formalities my employer needs to go through to sponsor me for a work visa. Thanks.

07-02-2008, 22:55
A lot of formalities.
If you're a foreigner from USA, UK, EU and ect (not from the CIS country) your employer has to make:
2 large steps: 1st - obtain from Russian authorities a Work Permit to hire foreign employees in his company (problem is that the Employer has to know in advance positions and countries of residence of the future foreign employees, so it's very difficult to get such Permit in advance (just in case if company will need it during the year). The Employer can apply only if he knows the positions and countries of residence of the future employees.
1st step:
1) has to send an official request to a local Labour authority of the RF requesting an official permission to hire a foreign person (or persons) - takes up to 1 month. After receiving the permisson -->
2) send another package of documents to the local Federal Migration Service explaining that the company needs to hire foreigners, why and ect. And pay an official fee. After receiving a Work Permit for the company -->

2nd step:
Send another package of documents to the local Federal Migration Service department but applying for the Personal Work Permit for the foreigner (it'd be a plastic card). At the end of this procedure the Employer has to present several certificates (from you that you don't have HIV, lepra + 3 more deseases, I don't remember the names). I don't know how it works in real if everybody pretend that the permit received before you entered into Russia - how you'll get such certificates I don't know, probably people staying here on business visas and after the permit granted leaves Russia and changes their business visas into working visas. Looks like it.

All these procedured takes about 2-3 month.

After this as I understand the Employer has to apply for a invitation (at the FMS as well I think) with the purpose of the trip "work", invitation usually ready in 2-3 weeks, invitation sent to the future employee, employee goes to the Embassy of the RF and get his Russian working visa (don't forget about HIV test certificate). Sorry, don't remember but as I know the Employer should be registered at the FMS like a company which has a right to invite foreigners, if not, it takes time as well.

Please, correct me if I'm wrong, this is how I know it from the documents, but I've never worked in the Russian organization, in foreign only and the procedure for us a little bit different.

That's why a lot of foreigners working here on the basis of business visa, not working visa - for the organization it's difficult to do it or the organization too lazy to do it.

If you re working at the representative office of the foreign company, the procedure a little bit different, same staps but easier with the visa.