View Full Version : 9/11, where have you been when it happened?

11-09-2014, 08:46
or how did you hear about it?
I was on a ship, Moscow to St.Petes, most of our passengers were Americans. At that time there was no mobile receiving long ALL the river, neither Sat TV. only when we were in the vicinity of a town or where we could receive a signal.
The captain though had Sat mobile and of course communication through his ships radio. so when he heard about the news, he gave updates ever 30 minutes but it took us a whole day to be able to watch Tv and see the news.
Needless the last trip back to Moscow was half empty. Passengers though they had paid already could not fly out to join us in St. Petes. Funny enough nevertheless, people from the States who joined us and were on board HAD a good time.They said, we saved up for many years, and NOTHING will let us spoil our most probably last vacation in these parts of the world. (many of them were also old an ill and knew it WAS their last great vacation).

11-09-2014, 09:11
I was actually visiting Moscow for the very first time when it happened. Bit surreal, but I had other things preoccupying me at time so the impact of it was probably lessened somewhat.

11-09-2014, 09:54
In my office in Moscow, Gospital'naya ul.

11-09-2014, 10:20
I was in the office, and I thought it was an accident when they announced over the PA system that a plane had hit the WTC. I had read about a B-29 running into the Empire State Building skyscraper, an accident, in NY City in 1944, so I thought it was same thing. Then when the second plane hit, I thought it was Serbians, getting revenge for the bombing of their country. Then they told us to all go home, they were worried we might also be target.

We lived in Arlington, Virginia. I was stuck in worst traffic jam ever. My neighbor said the plane that hit the Pentagon flew over the neighborhood at "tree-top level".

The only good thing, the next day, there were no flights, no airplanes tracking across the sky. It was peaceful, quiet, and the most "clean" day (no pollution) in decades.

There is a park you can go to next to Ronald Reagan airport, you can see airplanes flying closer and closer, they roar by just overhead before they land, make unbelievable crescendoing noise as it seems they are aiming right at you. You can see the pilots for a second, in the big nose of the airliner, as it screams by with lowered wheels.