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A similar case was the "Washington Sniper". John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo. Muhammad drove while Malvo was concealed in the rear of the car (back seat had been removed) and fired from peepholes in the trunk (boot), from hundreds of meters away. It went on for a year. I think these snipers got 10 victims.

Muhammad was tried in Virginia, which has the death penalty. Malvo was 17 then and still in prison.

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Some comments under the article are scary, too. People are jibing ignoring how many victims there have been.

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OMG :(

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but how does the law / newspaper know this:

Later a couple in their sixties were killed with a sawn off Makarov rifle - one of three guns linked to the group.

the news by the way was already 2 weeks ago on the Russian news. took the western media some time to translate it seems....

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Now there are vigilante gangs going out trying to catch the killers....

watch the video...

‘GTA gang’ kills drivers near Moscow, vigilantes on war-path after criminals

A string of killings has brought fear to highways near Moscow. Criminals are placing spikes on the roads to stop cars - and then they shoot the drivers dead, without stealing anything. A vigilante group in Moscow has vowed to hunt the killers down.

Dubbed the 'Grand Theft Auto Gang’ after the violent computer game, a group of criminals has allegedly murdered up to 14 drivers on roads near the Russian capital, particularly on the M4 Don highway connecting Moscow with the southern regions of the country.

All crimes have a common modus operandi: the perpetrators place spikes on roadsides in deserted woody areas and when someone gets their vehicle punctured and stops, they come up to the car and shoot the victim dead using a 9mm handgun. The killers don’t take any valuables.

The first killing took place on May 3 when an elderly couple was murdered, with four similar crimes taking place on the M4 Don in the following months. It has also happened on other roads, including one that circles Moscow some 40-50 kilometers from the capital.

Some people have actually witnessed the crimes and some potential victims have managed to survive, so now police have a couple of identikit portraits of at least one of the killers. However, the motives behind the killings remain unknown.

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Where is Mr Zuzzo when needed? ;)

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Where is Mr Zuzzo when needed? ;)

What can this guy do for us? I don't get it, he's lying.

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