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04-09-2014, 23:46
I would like to forward by email to friends abroqd some two or three minute video clips I've taken on my camera but cannot upload them to my computer because of the file size. They range in size from 50mg to 400mg.
As my computer capabilities are little better than those of a backward chimp, I would welcome some advice as to how to achieve this as simply as possible. I believe I will need to download some software to do this but which kind?

05-09-2014, 00:11
Hello Nijinsky,

The software to edit and compress video is more than likely going to be bigger than those video files are, and at any rate your going to have to get the video to the computer in order to compress it. It would probably be easier to borrow a friends computer and upload the videos to YouTube and email the link. If you want, YouTube will let you classify the video as unlisted so the whole world can't see it. Also most emails won't send anything over 20MB unless you use the cloud stuff.