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31-08-2014, 12:45
Well, it seems the chocolate king is finished, who will be the new head honcho in Kiev?

So many Russians live in the east of Ukraine, and these Russians have brothers, fathers, sons etc living just across the border in Belgorod. Does anyone really think they would not come to help their immediate relatives? That is Russian soldiers would not volunteer, and going as private citizens to join the fight.

If Kiev had been successful and their forces had entered Donesk and Lugansk, do they think the locals would have been easy to manage? They would have just agreed and complied and decided to be ruled by the west(i.e. no gorilla war). After residential areas have been shelled they would have decided to like the Kiev Junta? They say 2600 civilians have been killed, but we know how they report the Iraq casualties and so the figure is likely 10,000 or 15,000. The UN, now a USA instrument, says about 180,000 displaced when Russia say 800,000 have in fact crossed the border alone(have not moved to the west of Ukraine). So if 10,000 civilians have been killed, each of them have brothers, fathers, sons and neighbours. So there would have to be 100,000 or more hard core highly motivated fighters on the rebels, if not much more. Shelling residential area's is a bit like shaking a bee hive, and waiting to see what happens.

Meanwhile, the UN chief Ban Ki-moon congratulates the Ukrainian army for behaving appropriately. Has he no shame?, in fact, he is not even a man but a shameless USA poodle.

The rebels all know the local terrain and geography, this alone is a major advantage. So it's not surprising the Kiev army let themselves get encircled, just one of many more blunders yet to come.

Now, no matter the noble cause, it's a bit of a grim prospect to go fight for a side that is losing. So now that the rebels have turned the tide, would there now not be a flood of recruits? 800,000 have crossed the border and so there could be 100,000 males of military age....all going to Russian army training facilities I would suspect. no? what else would they be doing in Russia with no house to live in.

When the Kiev mob were shelling the residential areas, what were they thinking? It's likely the plan all along was that they would simply leave, go to Russia, and never return. So doesn't matter how angry they are, then repopulate the area with Ukrainians from the west. So the problem of an unmanageable local population would be addressed with ethnic cleansing, all sponsored by the European and American politicians.

How did the western warmongers stuff up so badly? I guess they have never been to the Ukraine or Russia and this would have been a factor. If they had, they might have known there was a family mix across the borders. Many Russians in the Ukraine, many Ukrainians in Russia with immediate family.

Other suggestions as to the key reasons for the Ukraine military failure of the western warmongers? Now to be added to the list of Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya failures.

31-08-2014, 13:33
I don't think he is finished, but it's up to Obamka environment... :)

31-08-2014, 14:13
I don't think he is finished, but it's up to Obamka environment... :)

The wives and mothers were all protesting in the street wanting his resignation. Why did they start a war, if they had no possibility of winning. To send all the young soldiers to their deaths and all for nothing. economy destroyed.

They were better of with Yankovich than letting a street mob take power. All was calm before, they just have a new set of oligarchs and kaos.

Hard to imagine him staying in power having lost a war. Lying about casualties, maybe they were behind the malaysian flight downing and that could come out. He should have allowed federalisation which is now too late. Odessa and kharkov might have their own referendums........

The rebels could demand a new president or they will march on Kiev....