View Full Version : 9 months old - playgroup

06-03-2004, 17:05
I would like to meet with other expats who also have babies around 9 months. We are at home all day long except couple of hours walk outside in the stroller. I would like him to meet with other babbies as well. Maybe they cannot play very well but at least it would be a big change for them. If you are interested, please email gonca@cccmos.com
Hope to get some friends for my baby boy...

06-03-2004, 17:08
Isn't 9 months a bit young for friends? I am much older than that I still have troubles making friends

06-03-2004, 17:24
The International Women's Club has a playgroup for 0-2 year olds - call 938 0681. They also have a toddler swimming group - call 232 6620. To join the IWC, you need to be a non-Russian passport holder or married to a non-Russian passport holder.

The British Women's Club has a playgroup for all age groups - call 937 1342. To join the BWC, you need to be a British passport holder or married to a British passport holder. I would imagine that most other Embassies would be able to give you the contact information for their Clubs and children's groups.

Jet Li - it's never too young to start making friends, even if it over a milk bottle to start with...! :)