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05-03-2004, 18:40
Hi Folks,

Hopefully someone is familiar with this situation and knows a work-around:

My 6 month registration (*not* VISA) in Moscow is expiring and I need to get it re-newed. Is there any way around the idiocy of having to re-enter the country ?

Thanks in advance,


05-03-2004, 23:46
Here's an uninformed opinion, but it may be correct:

Take your stuff over to OVIR and show them you are still in moscow and have not swanned off to places unknown and they will extend for the (I assume) second half of your 1-year visa. I do not believe that there is a requirement to enter and exit -- just to show OVIR every six months where you actually are.

An interesting sidebar to this requirement is the fact that since I own a car here (and do not drive on a power of attorney) it can only be legally registered as long as I have a valid visa and OVIR registration. In prior years, this meant that every time I got a new visa, I had to re-register my car. Now they are looking at the OVIR stamp and I have to do it twice a year. The regulations are designed to not let you use your auto (or let someone else use it) unless you have a current valid visa AND a current valid registration. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!

08-03-2004, 01:21
Camus, as far as i know you must leave to be registered again.... i had to do it myself but maybe someone here know a guy who know a guy...do not forget the power of money here ...there are always two ways to face smthing in russia, the legal way and the other one ;)

10-03-2004, 12:58
i've been here 3 years. i never leave to register again. i have a multiple entry visa for 1 year + registration and every year the office submits some documents to someone and they renew the visa and registration. how they do it, i'm not sure. maybe some money is involved. i'll ask around and will be back with an answer...

10-03-2004, 13:00
The new exit/re-entry rules are effective only from this year. Earlier there was no requirement for exiting and re-entering after 6 months.

10-03-2004, 16:15
ok, i found out, sort of, that our office is a representative office from a foreign company, wow! this company is registered in the moscow registration "palata" (whatever the hell that is) and therefore they take care of everything. first time i entered country with a regular invitation and visa, then i left and entered again, this time with all being taken care with this "palata". my renewal process takes 15 days, and we make it 2 days by paying something like 100usd. maybe this conditions don't apply to your case. hope it helps, anyway.

10-03-2004, 16:24

Thanks for the information, but do you have anyone specific I can contact to make this happen ?


10-03-2004, 16:45