View Full Version : Vacancies shown in Employment Section

22-08-2014, 12:31
I am a free-lance proof-reader and saw a post in the employment section asking for a native English proof-reader. I contacted the advertiser, Yota Devices' asking for more details to the email address provided. I received the following reply.

"Please, write me your price for 100 words and 1000 symbols"
when I wrote back asking for clarification on 1,000 symbols and what exactly they mean I received no reply. I wrote again and still nothing. I am beginning to wonder if this advert is genuine and if so why they have not had the courtesy to reply and answer my questions.

Dolgoprudny Neil
24-08-2014, 13:23
I get the feeling they are after the cheapest offer that they can find and they don't want to communicate too much with people who know what they are talking about.