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20-08-2014, 23:36
Now that I'm at *least* two-thirds of the way to settling in here in Moscow, I thought I'd jump in and test the waters here at expat.ru.

I'm an English as a Foreign Language instructor on a one-year deal with an institute here in town. It's been a few days since I flew into Sheremetyevo from Calgary (and yes, my arms are still tired). My place near Aviamotornaya is two stops away on the Metro from my office, and it's also conveniently close to the Lefortovskiy Rynok, whose vendors I made considerably happier after dropping 900 rubles on what they *assured* me was a top-of-the-line ironing board. Taking my life into my hands at the Ashan in the Gorod Shopping Centre was an educational moment, but as grocery buying excursions go it was still more Superstore crazy than *Costco* crazy.

Activating an iPhone on Beeline was a Day 1 priority, so I have a Moscow mobile number in place; I have high hopes of configuring some Internet access through them *real* *soon* *now* as well. I'm not ready just yet to brave VKontakte, but I'm pretty easy to spot on Twitter, and I do occasionally look in on LinkedIn, too. Whatever you do, though, please don't tell anyone I'm on BBM. ;)

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

21-08-2014, 00:08
Hey and welcome to Moskva!

Sounds like you are really busy settling in:)

21-08-2014, 01:00
Hooooohahahah! One more canuk spy! :D

Welcome, comrade! Hope you'll like the life here ;)

Waters here are warm enough (well, if above zero, water is already warm... because below it is not water). WTF is BBM?

21-08-2014, 09:38
Welcome to the most influential city in the world :ok:

21-08-2014, 12:30
Welcome to Moscow! I hope you have a fantastic year here.

22-08-2014, 11:51
Welcome to Moscow!
Hope you find the citizens friendly enough.

If you need advice or just company - I'd be glad to help.