View Full Version : Fancy bars in Moscow deep dive

17-08-2014, 15:24
As a Moscow local would like to suggest the ones you never regret:

Silvers pub Tverskaya street
Simachev bar Stoleshnikov street

The first is great! Wanna company, happy to help!

19-08-2014, 00:50
I used to live in Manhattan, and there was a plenty of good dive bars there. One in particular was on Amsterdam Avenue around 107th street, then Dublin House, Double Down Saloon on Avenue A (East Village), White Horse Tavern, Jaffa Cafe on St. Marks (24/7 - best mimosas), Otto's Shrunken Head - best tiki bar... The music they used to play (when I was in NYC 2001-2010) was anything from 50s to 80s, including new wave.

Any (dive) bars in Moscow that play new wave music, or good rockabilly or psycho-billy?

20-08-2014, 14:24
I think music in Soho rooms is best in Moscow